Who the heck is Caleb anyway?

I am Caleb and Caleb is the one posting all the content and all the stories. As the name of my website suggests, I’m a piano player a singer and a dancer. Anything that has to do with music…I’m there!

Why have a created this new website and what is my goal? I want to speak my mind on anything that has to do with music. Since I have an inside view of things around music and dancing, I want to be able to provide something useful for anyone.

Subjects to be talked about will vary depending on things such as current trends or hot discussions, my upcoming projects, things you want to share and discuss.

This blog is going to be more of a memoir of some sort. Something I can come back and add a few thoughts to, in order for these all to be organized. And if you happen to like everything (or parts) of what I’m writing, well then read on!

If you like music and you want to chat more, feel free to message me.