What role should art play in politics?

Last few days have been pretty crazy with the election results. Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know by now that President Trump (elect) will be running our country from the oval office for 4 years, starting in January. The Trump phenomenon though didn’t take place without solid back-end campaigning from both parties.


I remember the last few days before election day, media was full of news reports on stars (celebrities) who would go and campaign for Clinton. Not only that, but singers such as Miley Cyrus , Jon Bon Jovi, Katy Perry and others, were next to senator Clinton’s side day in and day out. Many people have questioned the moral of this all. Should greatly known people in showbiz, show their support for a candidate and also do campaigning events, to pump up those results? Is it fair for people to be influenced in that way and not have thinking of their own? While whether it’s fair or not may be debatable, what isn’t debatable is the fact that a massive number of people is influenced one way or another to elect someone who will be in office for a long time.

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A Great Concert in South Carolina

I still remember that November day in South Carolina. Me and a few friends had been invited to this fine state as some people we knew wanted to make some kind of festival that included many young musicians, in the spirit of young college talent, and college students that are talented artists. This event took place four years ago and I can tell you that it has a very important place in my heart.


So what we did was travel by car from Atlanta, Georgia (where we’re from) to Columbia, SC in a very joyful and exciting mood. We weren’t invited because our small band was a big hit or something. In fact we didn’t even have a band, until we got there. It was just an invite for people that played instruments to get together, form small concert groups and have the time of our lives. Local students would be attending our event, they could hang out with us and all that fun stuff. Imagine of a party, with live musical acts performing. Only before the concert, a limousine drove us around in Columbia, South Carolina and dropped us off at the event.

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Overwhelmed with success – a trap.

So in the last post, I talked about a very important lesson, which is: always be willing to learn more. Always learn that you have a lot more improvement to do for yourself. And as you will see (if you read the post), I use a first concert experience as the symbolism and the center of this all.

In this article, what I want to do is talk about a very common trap, performers and people in the “arts world” tend to fall into, and that is the trap of success. Before I jump right into my thoughts here, let me just mention that because of the industry, you can feel that you are successful even if it doesn’t reach the metrics of nation wide celebrities. If you gather a group of a few hundred people to your concert, you can get the feeling that you are a big shot.


My first advice for people that are doing well for them selves (either on a local level or nation wide level) would be that you keep on moving: never say “my audience was large enough, let’s take a day off tomorrow.” Being an artist is a job like any other. And you have an inferred duty towards yourself to treat it like it. So bottom line and the center of this advice would be: don’t get lazy!

Another thing I would say is: don’t believe that you are actually a big shot. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you are Taylor Swift. The success you are happy about and are proud of, belongs to the past. Please don’t dwell on the past. I hate people that sit all day on their rear ends, dwelling on things of the past, like it even matters. Notice that greatly successful people like Taylor Swift, or Bruno Mars still get up at the crack of dawn and go to work. You are never become good enough, you are never successful, you never win. You keep on becoming successful and you keep on winning. When you stop, that’s when you lose (and most of the times, it’s true even if we talk about actual results.) I won’t beat a dead horse here, but please go to work.

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My first concert – a beautiful lesson.

I can still remember the first time I got on a stage, when I was still very young. Family and friends were overwhelmingly supportive for my efforts and preparation. That day would be the first day to perform in front of a large (considering my age) audience. I was 8 years old at the time, and I would be playing some classical tunes on the piano. It was like a student’s concert, where the top students would have a chance to play a few pieces.


Nervous and sweaty, I got up on that stage, took a deep breath and started playing away. I had prepared really hard, not only in terms of performing well, but being able to control my emotions and anxiety. When you try to perform a musical piece by heart at an age of 8 years old, you can understand that the first public appearance and performance can be really weird. That was a time in which I had to train myself (with the support of my parents) to control emotions, have control of the situation and make sure I deliver very good results.

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Why should artists be mature?

So what I am planning on doing with this post is basically justify the reason I’m considering myself a piano player, a singer and a dancer that “holds to maturity.” I’m obviously kidding, but I do want to speak of the importance of being mature when you are in the arts.

First of all, when artists have engaged people that are watching every move they make and participate in any concert or event they attend, then as you can imagine these artists become role models. Especially when you consider that many younger individuals look up to artists, it becomes more important than ever to be a mature artist but also a mature human being. Intentionally I’m making this distinction: there are two types of maturity one should acquire.

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First Introductory Post

I am so excited to be making this second post this week after my welcome post. I was planning to do a lot more, but you know, things happen and you put things off. So today I feel ready to start talking about some very interesting things going on in my life (which will be the center of this Blog.) I am a piano player, I sing, I dance and at the same time, I try to live a balanced life. Is that too much?

Let me backup a little bit…

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Greetings to everyone!

This is my brand new site and will be my side project for a very long time. I will get to work real fast and hummer away some interesting stories and an outline of what this is all about. So stay tuned as later today (or tomorrow) you will be getting tons of interesting content to read from!

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