Why should artists be mature?

So what I am planning on doing with this post is basically justify the reason I’m considering myself a piano player, a singer and a dancer that “holds to maturity.” I’m obviously kidding, but I do want to speak of the importance of being mature when you are in the arts.

First of all, when artists have engaged people that are watching every move they make and participate in any concert or event they attend, then as you can imagine these artists become role models. Especially when you consider that many younger individuals look up to artists, it becomes more important than ever to be a mature artist but also a mature human being. Intentionally I’m making this distinction: there are two types of maturity one should acquire.


Artistry maturity: This basically means that you are working in respect for what you are doing, and are holding up to a certain standard. So for example if you are into classical music and are playing violin, there is a specific dress code you need to follow, or a specific way of playing that violin etc. When we think of artists that aren’t within very “strict” structural (musically) situations such as bands, then it’s even more important for the performer to be respectful towards the art he represents. By being respectful towards the art, he automatically shows respect for the people that are also into that genre. Also this performer needs to make sure that he/she is doing the best they can do, while performing. I don’t want to beat a dead horse here –  I believe you get my point.

Maturity of a human being: This has to do with being mature and respectful as an individual – as a part of society. I won’t get to political here (considering the day), however I do want to say this: It’s a shame that so many modern day artists use substances while they perform and in their daily lives. I think it’s catastrophic for someone to use drugs or alcohol and it’s a sign of immaturity. This becomes even worse for someone with influence, like the celebrity musicians and dancers. You have young people adoring what you do and what you stand for –  people with a lot of potential. If they follow your steps 100% (and they most likely will) and you aren’t being responsible, then you are building an “army” of people that will behave exactly the same. The end result is lives being destroyed and lives being lived with no meaning. You can definitely have personal preference and choice, however when it comes to matters that everyone understands are dangerous, at least don’t promote the lifestyle. Do whatever you like in your own private space, but don’t encourage others to follow the same catastrophic path.

In many ways, being mature as an artist and as an individual is the same. You can’t be a mature citizen and not be a mature artist. So many times, these follow each other around. We live in very strange and different days, where everything can be learned and known about worldwide within seconds. Please maintain some level of respect and responsibility not just for yourself, but for the people around who you influence and interact with.

Am not looking to start any arguments or debates with this post. I just have been thinking about this for a very long time, and thought it was time I got it off my chest. I would love to hear from y’all!

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